Farm Fresh Fridays liven up menu


Hailey Quinn, Pinnacle Faculty/Staff Editor

What are Farm Fresh Fridays?  According to Food Services Coordinator David Shefter, they are “The school’s way of showcasing locally sourced produce, meats, and dairy.”

     Farm Fresh Fridays began in early October, but have become more widely known due to the recent announcement of the cafeteria staff making homemade butternut-squash soup. The squash was sourced from a local supplier, and the soup was handed out to students and staff as part of their lunch. The response was mixed. Lisa Eisenhower, High School Kitchen Manager said, “The adults loved it. It was not a real big hit with the kids, although some did try it.” David Shefter comments, “At some point in life, the students will expand their palettes. Farm Fresh Fridays give us the ability to offer the kids who are looking to expand their palette the opportunity to do so.”

     There has always been a push for local foods to be used in schools. The concept mainly came about from an organization called Farm to School. David Shefter states that “We are using very local farms and providers. All the farmers are looking to expand their trade, and we are giving them the opportunity to do that.” He believes the most important part of Farm Fresh Fridays is that the school is supporting local farmers and farms, adding “We need to make sure that farms are around to feed the future generations.”