Student Spotlight: Izzy Forte


Madison Redding, Pinnacle Sports Editor

 Izzy Forte is a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School. Izzy Forte has been going to HASD since second grade and has enjoyed it. Izzy is well known through out the and field hockey. Izzy plays left offense and joined field hockey as a stress reliever and because she is fairly good at it. Izzy enjoys school and specifically enjoys history and takes honors. One of Izzy’s other favorite classes is publications which she has been doing since 9th grade.

     Outside of school Izzy enjoys talking and hangout with friends who are fellow students: Ava Green, Grace Cromyak, and Genivieve Arena. Her friend, Grace Cromyak, another sophomore at HAHS, exclaimed all about Izzy, “My favorite qualities of Izzy Is that she is genuinely good person. She has a good heart, and she Is an easy person to talk to. I enjoy spending time with Izzy especially when we have sleepovers or if we are socializing in school. We have been friends for a long time, and I hope we can remain friends for a long time.” 

     Izzy also enjoys talking to new people and making new friends. Izzy enjoys playing games on her computer. As well as spending her freetime going on walks around her neighborhood as well as watching scary  movies by her self and with family and friends. 

    Izzy plans to join the military after high school. After that she plans to do schooling to become a professional in the medical field where she plans to become a surgeon after medical school. Izzy wants to go into the medical field because she enjoys being around people as well as helping them.