Student Spotlight – Hannah Ortiz


Deja Wagner-Wakefield, Pinnacle Sports Editor

Hannah Ortiz, a current sophomore at HAHS, is enrolled in BCTC’s culinary program and many choral arts programs. The BCTC program Hannah chose will help her prepare for her future plans to go to culinary school to become a chef. She was drawn to this program because she “always had a passion for cooking and baking.” This passion began when she was little and she cooked with her mom, but while they were not cooking, they enjoyed watching hours of The Cooking Channel together. If her plan of becoming a chef does not pan out, she has plans to join the military to serve and protect. 

     While having these great plans for the future, her current favorite class is math. She says “even though it’s a struggle I like the challenge of it.” On the other hand her least favorite class is world cultures because she likes history just not what catches her attention. 

     With her busy schedule she is also involved in choir, musical, Ariel Boundaries, and color guard. She joined color guard this year and “it was the best decision I made. I got to bond with my group and by the end of football season they had become a second family.” She is looking forward to football season to start up next fall so she can continue her new found friendships and continue to make new friends. 

     Crazy enough as her list of things to do is, she still finds time to have personal hobbies. These include baking with her mom or a friend and cooking whenever possible, which fuels her love for cooking even more. She also was involved in cheer for five years, which is where Hannah and I met and became friends almost instantly. Unfortunately she quit cheering due to having a coach she did not agree with at all times. Hannah and I met in sixth grade at cheer practice and have had a special bond ever since. She stands out from the rest of my friends because she is so kind and wears her heart on her sleeve. She would do anything to help a friend out and that is why she is so special to me.