LEO Club and Student Council help Tilden PTO


Bethany Stufflet, Hawk Happenings Assistant Editor

 On January 18 Tilden Elementary got some help from Hamburg Area High School’s LEO Club and Student Council. Tilden had their PTO meeting and needed some help occupying the kids while their parents were in the meeting. The job of the high school students was very simple, they just had to do something fun with the kids to keep them happy. 

     Morgan Riegel, a freshman at Hamburg High School, decided to help out as a LEO club member. She describes her experience as “interesting” and she said that even though the kids were almost like maniacs, it was still fun. Her thoughts on the event were that it was a good idea and a very nice gesture. Morgan also thinks that she would do it again if she could. 

Although I did not participate, I also agree with Morgan. It was a very nice gesture and a very good idea. Something as small as doing something fun with kids can make such a big difference to the community and the kids themselves.