Fundraisers used to support classes

Fundraisers used to support classes

Hannah Kristiniak, Hawk Happenings Assistant Editor

 Each class has class officers which include a president, vice president, secretary, and a treasurer. Each officer has an important position in ensuring that the class is raising money and organizing fundraisers. Fundraising starts in freshman year and continues all the way through high school in senior year. Each year there is a goal to be met and every fundraiser is so important because every dollar counts. The approximate costs for the special events are $20,00 for prom, $5,000 for graduation, $40 per student for caps and gowns, and to rent just the bus for a senior class trip could cost $3,000. Most of this money can be made during fundraising, but if there is no participation the cost per person raises. That is why it is so important for fundraisers to be organized often and that the rest of the class participates in each fundraiser. 

     There are endless fundraising opportunities and endless options to keep bringing in new ideas and products to keep each class excited and wanting to participate. When someone orders something, not only is he/she getting something they want from purchasing a product, they are also helping raise money for an important cause.

     I am the secretary in the class office of 2025 and I enjoy it very much. Raising money for my class has become something that I am very passionate about because I understand the importance of raising money and all the work and responsibility that goes into it. Being a class officer can be very hard work that comes with dedication and responsibility, but it is a very rewarding thing to do that is worth it. 

     Kirra Goetz, a sophomore at HAHS, says “From my experience of being a class officer last year, I understand the importance of raising money. So I try to participate in most fundraisers to support my class.”