Student spotlight – Hailey Quinn


Erica Gerner, Business Manager

Hailey Quinn, a sophomore at HAHS is a member of the Concert Band started playing in elementary school. When in band, Hailey loves to play the flute, but Hailey stated, “My favorite part about being in band is the kind and accepting atmosphere and people, and my favorite part about playing the flute is that it allows me to lose myself in the playing and music.” Hailey relates to it leaving reality for a few minutes. And it would be neat for everyone to have something that makes them feel that way. 

      Amelia Gassert, states, “Hailey has played the flute for me before and it’s incredible how good she is at it. She has natural talent and works hard.” So it never goes unnoticed on Hailey’s incredible skills at playing the flute. Gassert also stated, “When Hailey plays the flute for me it definitely relaxes me and makes me feel like I am in a better place.”

     Along with playing the flute, Quinn states, “I would want to play the trumpet because I think it is a beautiful instrument and it is also very different from the flute so it would be a fun challenge.” It could be assumed she would be just as good at playing the trumpet if she would practice as much. But she has expressed “my love for the flute is because of the way she feels at home when she plays. Out of all the instruments she has played, the flute just fell in place.” 

      Out of school, Quinn voiced, “I take private flute lessons every Tuesday, and I enjoy playing with my dog Simba. I also enjoy reading and painting.” So not only does she keep her hands full with the flute, but also with different hobbies of hers. It is positive that Hailey Quinn will go far in all aspects of life.