Spotlight on girls basketball


Erica Gerner, Business Manager

 The girls basketball team is playing their 2022- 2023 season. One of the players, Amelia Gassert stated, “My team goal is for us to work together as a team and to always communicate with each other no matter what happens. And to win a couple competitive games.” It could be possible to come back with a winning streak if the team continues to work together and communicate. 

      Hailie Edwards stated, “I think as a team we have the potential to have a turn around and make a playoff run.” If these goals are applied to their workouts and practices, they might have a successful season like they wish. 

      Along with team goals, some of the players have personal goals for themselves. Gassert stated, “My personal goal is to start shooting more and taking part in the points of the team rather than just defense.” 

     And Hailie Edwards stated, “My personal goal is to play with more confidence and have fun with my team.” These goals are perfect for the team connection and success they need to have a winning record. 

     When asked what team they would like to beat this season, Gassert voiced, “ I would like to beat many teams this season, but probably most likely would want to beat Fleetwood or Schuylkill Valley.” Considering these teams are technically our neighboring schools, it would be nice to get a win or two from these teams. 

     When having a successful season,  there has to be some sort of team leadership and this will come from the team captains. Gassert stated, “ I think our captains are going to step into their leadership position very well, and I believe that they were chosen to be captains for a reason.” Captain, Hailie Edwards announced, “I feel that my role as a captain is to be a positive leader for the team and pick people up when they are down and be a good role model. I also think my role is to be a trusted leader that my team can come to when they have questions or need anything.” It should be trusted that the team could come back and make a run for the playoffs, if everyone does their job communicating, working together, and having strong team captains like they do.