Juniors prepare for prom

Juniors prepare for prom

Erica Gerner

  It is the time of the year where the Juniors and the class advisors prepare for prom, which can be very stressful to all. Junior class officer Kylie Oswald stated, “We are using magazines and amazon to get all the props and stuff they need to decorate, along with passed on decorations from Mrs. McCarthy she used for the Christmas Dances.” Along with decorations, they are having a new location to hold prom at this year, Oswald expressed, “Prom will be held at the Ware House, between Rutters and the Fulton Bank, which is owned by Mr. Shefter.” Trubilla also expressed, “ I am really excited to try this new venue, and I think it’s going to be different! I also like that it’s right in Hamburg – it will make it easier for parents to take pictures of their kids.” So a big thank you is given out to Mr. Shefter.

     It is assumed that everyone would like to know the theme for prom, which is not a definite yet, but Oswald said, “The projected theme for this year’s prom will be Bohemian.” This is not a positive, as there have been many different theme ideas discussed. 

      Planning a prom is a very large event to plan. Mrs. Trubilla expressed, “It is very difficult at points of the year to plan prom, but to also help students succeed in their goals in the classroom.” Which is very believable, because it is already difficult to help a handful of students as it is. Where it can be a handful to set up a prom, Trubilla expressed, “ It is a lot of work, but I really enjoy working with the junior class officers to bring it all together and make an event that all students can enjoy.”

      As the juniors get rolling with planning for prom Trubilla said, “The officers are working with the prom committee members and we have made great progress – we have a DJ, a photobooth, a location, and colors. We have also started talking about a menu and decorations.” So it sounds like prom is coming along very well and by the time prom comes around it will be very well done. Prom will be on May 12th, 2023 at 6:00 P.M – 10:00 P.M, open for Juniors and Seniors.