Screen time used in a week


Erica Gerner

Kids spend twice as much time on their screen than they do outside, according to Common Sense Media. Trusted parents should be able to tell the kids when they have been on their phone for a certain amount of time that could cause serious problems. These serious problems could lead to vision problems or a health problem because they are not getting enough exercise. On the phone, in the settings, there is a page that explains screen time and what is most used on the device. These settings should be checked consistently because some of the times are insanely high. 

     Sophomore Breanna Lillington, Hailey Quinn, and Amelia Gassert all stated, “My most used app is Snapchat” which is most of the screen time. Along with the most used app, they all have alike screen times of around seven hours and 30 minutes to eight hours. All these girls have extracurricular activities so it is surprising to hear how high the screen times are, but it is more likely than not that students in the high schools are going to have a high screen time like theirs. 

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