Teacher Spotlight Miss. Stauffer

Carlee Stitzel

Miss. Stauffer is a Civics teacher. She did three different types of schooling, to earn her degrees, attending LCCC for two years. She took education classes and she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. She also attended Bloomsburg for her bachelor degree in science education. She went to Kutztown University which is where she got her Masters degree in 2021 and in 2014. At Kutztown she got her masters of science which is also her masters of secondary education. She was student teaching with Mr. Zimmerman. Her favorite part of teaching is making a difference in kids’ lives and her least favorite part is the additional reaiurements from the government/state. 

     Miss. Stauffer was a server at Perkins and Texas Roadhouse, she was a student teaching for five days a week and then serving the rest of the time. She loves teaching, she says “it’s the best job ever and one of the most important jobs but also one of the hardest.” Miss. Stauffer also said that it was not hard for her to adjust to Hamburg’s times and schedules because her family lives here and she grew up not too far from here.

     Miss. Stauffer also coaches winter track, a Freshman class advisor and a Social Studies club adivior. 

     Some fun facts about Miss. Stauffer has a dog named Trixy, she likes to travel and she will be getting married in June to be Mrs. Benvenuto, they will be going to Jamaica for their honeymoon. Miss. Stauffer also has a goal which is to go to each state with her Fiance. They go to a new state at least every summer but have been to most eastern states already.