Teacher Spotlight – Mr. McBreen

Carlee Stitzel

     Mr. McBreen is a Civcs teacher. He was a teacher at Hamburg for four years. He went to college at West Chester for an undergraduate degree which was for history, Kutztown for a masters and teaching certificate, and he student taught at Dieruff Center in Allentown. 

     Mr. McBreen’s favorite part of teaching is spontaneous things because he never knows what is going to happen or what questions may be asked. His least favorite is the Keystones, because he does not like to watch the kids struggle and does not like teaching the kids about them. He wanted to be a Civics teacher because he has a pasion for history and when a student says history is boring he will always find a topic that the kid thinks is interesting. 

     Mr. McBreen was a substitute teacher in Schukill County during grad school and he also likes painting houses. He enjoys teaching because it is fun and keeps him entertaining. Mr. McBreen coaches high school football and girls basketball for middle and high school. Some fun facts about him are that he bought a house nearby because he loves being in Hambur. He is getting married in June to Mrs. York, who is a special education teacher at Tilden Elementary, and his honeymoon is going to be in Italy. He plans on getting a dog which may either be a Golden Retriever or a Bernese Mountain Dog mix with a Poodle.