HAHS students look forward to holiday traditions


Madison Redding

Holiday traditions are huge in many students holidays. Many people have that one special thing that they do on at least one holiday, such as hiding the pickle or even just being with family. It does not matter what it is even if it is one special thing. That makes family time even more special and something to look forward to.

Students here at HAHS have explained some of their favorite things to do that might be unique for some

Sophomore Kaeli Cox,explained some of her favorite traditions. “My favorite holiday tradition is eating around the table with both sides of my family at Thanksgiving. We have Thanksgiving lunch at my mom’s side, and Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s and my dad’s side of the family. I like seeing everyone in one place, enjoying dinner, and making memories.”

Kaeli also enjoys that, “On Christmas morning her mom sets up a Christmas

scavenger hunt with clues leading to places all around the her house to look for more clues. At the end, there’s a gift for all of her family to open before the gifts under the tree.”

Camden Folk, another sophomore at HAHS family, “We bake Christmas cookies specifically chocolate drop cookies.” Something unique his family also does is they buy popcorn balls to enjoy at the King Frost parade. Students have many different things to look forward to this holiday season.