Students deal with bullying in school


Morgan Lutz

     Students have gone through many different assemblies, talks, and lessons about bullying at Hamburg School District. However, this does not always prevent students from picking on each other and putting others down. According to, 20% of students nationwide experience bullying. Around half of these students who were bullying other students had an advantage over them, whether that is being considered more popular, having more money, or even being physically bigger than another kid. Other students often bully because they feel as though they are not as popular and do not have as much in life. This leaves students feeling like they have no options when being bullied. They can feel trapped and helpless.

     However, each school deals with bullying differently. At Hamburg Area High School, in the student agenda/handbook, harassment is defined as “Harassment (physical or verbal); hostile or intimidating behavior toward others; making threats; behavior/actions meant to humiliate or belittle a peer.” (student agenda page 19). This is listed as a Level 2 offense. A level-two offense may result in a two-day suspension; multiple offenses result in a one- to five-day suspension.Students may also permanently lose privileges, which could include electronic and phone use.

     Teachers are often looked up to as role models in a school environment. This means that the way teachers decide to deal with bullying in their classrooms can greatly affect the amount of bullying that takes place. Mr. Hetrich, a tech and business teacher at the high school, states, “I think we as teachers need to continue to address the issue with our students and remind them how hurtful it can be. I tell my students to put themselves in the other person’s place and how would they feel it were being done to them. Anything that can create more of a community environment within the school would be a great thing also.”

     Unfortunately, bullying is something that many students will always have to deal with at some point in their lives; however, the action that a school, teachers, and other fellow students take to prevent it can greatly decrease the amount that it takes place.

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For more information about HAHS bullying policies read through the student agenda.