Hamburg is hosting Frostbowl


Carlee Stitzel, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

Hamburg is having another big event, the frost bowl. The Frost bowl is where only football plays against Schuylkill Valley. Last year it was at Schuylkill Valley and this year it’s at hamburg. 

      Dr. Beissel says “It’s always exciting to host the Frost Bowl, since it is a great time of year and it means we are playing our biggest rival, Schuylkill Valley.  Usually we have great attendance and our community really comes out and supports our team and school. Schuylkill Valley and Hamburg have been rivals for several decades, and our districts are only separated by a few miles.  There is lots of history between both schools and the rivalry and Frost Bowl Trophy are both sources of pride.  Also, the Frost Bowl typically has been held in association with the King Frost Parade here in Hamburg (although this year the Frost Bowl is being played earlier in the season due to the new league schedule). We are historical rivals, we both play in Section 5 of the Lancaster Lebanon Football League, and both districts are very close to each other.” 

     Students were very excited for this game because it only happened once a year. The theme for the game was neon, our student section was loud and proud.