Playing new club yard games

Danelle Wollyung

    Mr. Gaul and Mr. Reinhart started a new club for students who would like to play yard games. They could suggest some games that they would like to play. Doing these yard games could be beneficial to their physical and mental health in many ways and a way to get involved in school. 

     At the moment there are 20 people attending this club but there is no specific number of people who can join. If students are interested in joining this club, visit either Mr. Gaul or Mr. Reinhart for further information. 

     There are many fun activities and games that are going to be played in this club : spikeball, ladder golf, corn hole, Kanjam, rampball, large jenga, and kuub. 

     Spike ball is a game that is similar to volleyball but instead of hitting a large ball over a net players hit a smaller ball onto a mini trampoline. Ladder golf is a game that is genuinely played with two or more people. It could also be played with teams. Each player will be given three golf ball bolas. The goal is to throw the bolas around the ladder that has three steps. 

     Corn hole is a game in which small square bags filled with dried corn are tossed towards a wooden platform that is slightly inclined and has a hole towards the top.

      Kanjam is a disc game which is played with a flying disc and two cans. Teams of two take turns throwing a disc between two cans. In order to earn points, the disc must hit or deflect into one of the cans. 

     Ramp Ball is a game that is about rotating and tilting behaviors of the Rampball and the players practice their balancing skills. 

     Large Jenga is the original Jenga game but is played with enormous Jenga blocks. 

     Kuub is a game where the goal is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. It is known for being a combination of horseshoes and bowling.