Student spotlight – Erica Gerner plays golf for three years


Paige Cassler

Erica Gerner is a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School. Who has played golf for three years. Erica also plays softball and she has been doing that for 10 years. Erica prefers to play golf more because, “It is more relaxing when you are not in a tournament.” Erica started playing golf because her mom owned an indoor golf business and both of her parents golf.

     Along with Erica being in sports she is also in three honors classes. She is normally an A and B student in all of her classes. Her overall favorite teacher is Mrs. Trubilla and her favorite teacher this year is Mrs. Reppert. Her two favorite classes this year are Publications and Spanish. Erica’s favorite thing to do in school is hanging out with Mrs. Trubilla during the flex period.

     According to Erica “everything” is hard in golf. She does not have a specific practice routine meaning she changes how she practices every time. In Erica’s off season she practices at home both softball and golf. Erica’s most memorable moment is making it to states for golf and for softball it was winning districts. Her advice to anyone who wants to play golf is “It is not an easy sport so when learning how to play do not get frustrated.”