Glasses versus contacts


LeeAnn Mills

     Among students with visual impairments, this has been the age-old debate: glasses or contact lenses, which one is better? Among Hamburg students, the answer seems to be what everyone would expect, mixed opinion because after all, it is a personal preference.

     Nishi Vesuwala, a junior, said that she prefers glasses because she thinks they add to her personality, and she has grown accustomed to them. Nishi also added that imagining putting a contact in her eye is taboo to her. While Riley Mohn, a freshman, claims she has to wear glasses because they do not make contact lenses in her prescription.

     With a contrasting opinion, Samantha Gruber loves her contacts. She expresses that her purchase of disposable contacts was one of the best she has ever made. For her contacts offer ease in daily activities and less worry about scratching or losing glasses. 

     The question of contacts or glasses is one with no definite answer as it is fully opinion-based, and here at Hamburg, the answer is just as divided.