Players are spending a lot of money on Hockey


Alicia Gilbert

     Ice hockey is the 4th most popular sport in America according to In 2022, 630,561 people are playing hockey. For a beginner it will cost $2,000- $2,500. For an intermediate player, it costs around $6000-$7000 dollars. Some of the basic things players need for hockey are hockey skates $400, shin guards $80, hockey pants $150, hockey shoulder pads $130, elbow pads $70, gloves $150, helmet $200, hockey stick $200 and miscellaneous gear $150: jerseys, skate socks, shin socks, visor cleaner, skate puller, hockey tape, hockey wax, water bottle and mouth guard. Ice time and tuition are around $1000 depending on the state.

     Many parents are the ones paying for the equipment. Parents justify spending all the money by saying, “If my kid can just get a scholarship for college, it will be worth all the money.” It is possible for anyone to make it professional, but it is a very difficult thing to do. Even making it past being just a beginner is incredibly difficult. On average a professional hockey player makes around 3 million dollars a year, so it would be no problem getting all the gear but only 1 out of 1,000 people actually get to play in a NHL game. 

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