Thanksgiving Break


Madison Redding

     As Halloween exits and Thanksgiving approaches, HAHS is patiently waiting for the holiday to approach. Some are so excited to see their family and some are just excited for the food, but whatever the reason is, Thanksgiving is a great time of the year and one that many look forward the most.     

     Hannah Kristiniak, sophomore explained that she is “most excited to see her family that lives far away.” As well as having a “nice break” for the time we have. A tradition she does on thanksgiving is setting up for Christmas right after the holiday ends. Her favorite Thanksgiving food conclude is corn casserole or ham.

   Grace Cromyak, sophomore is mostly looking forward to, “spending time with my family and getting to see them again, including watching the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade.” Grace is also excited for the break to get to spend time with her family and friends. Also “ I am pretty excited for the break because my mom and I usually decorate for Christmas the day after, and we get to spend time together and that’s what matters the most.”