HAHS writing year round


Riley Mohn

    There are many ways to write. Once can use cursive, typing, or writing in print to communicate with others and use writing. Using different fonts also gives a different vibe to whatever is wrtten. Certain people are unable to read cursive, whether they were never taught it or they can not make out some of the letters. People may also find it difficult to write in print, so they might prefer to type. People could find it hard on their hands to write, or it may be faster to type for them. 

     In previous years, it was common for people to handwrite and write in cursive, since only few people had computers. However, everyone is able to type on the computer a lot faster than they could handwrite. During tests, most people write in print because they either can not write cursive, or the teacher can not read cursive. Students in HAHS mostly type because they were taught how to type efficiently and most assignments, especially those over Covid, are turned in electronically. It is neater to type because it stays in a formatted paragraph and the font can change sizes to help someone see what they are writing faster. 

     Out of five students in the hallways, three said they prefer to handwrite, while two said they prefer to type. Jacob Mohn, a graduate here at HAHS stated that he had learned cursive in elementary school, but has forgotten how to read and write it after.