I Wish You All The Best book review


Abby Wahl

 At the beginning of the school year, I read Mason Deaver’s I Wish You All The Best, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    After Ben De Backer regrettably comes out to their parents as non-binary, they are permanently kicked out of their house. They eventually end up moving into their estranged sister’s house, with her husband whom they have never met. Struggling with being the new kid in school and having an anxiety disorder, they are not the friendliest or most outgoing. They only come out to Hannah and her husband, Thomas, in fear that if they told the school there would be drama. 

     Ben’s attempts at keeping a low profile in their senior year of high school are bested by a particular person named Nathan Allan. This new friend is funny, charismatic, and bold in every sense of the word. As the year goes on and the two grow their friendship changes. What started as a very misfortune thing may have actually been the best thing that could have happened. 

     The author, Mason Deaver, is also non-binary just like the character in their book. They are from North Carolina and enjoy lots of things, other than just writing.

     I really adored this book because it was such an easy read; it flowed and the storyline was wonderful. I relate to Ben a lot, in many different ways I think that is the reason I am so drawn to this book. I know what it feels like to have a friendship change into something more, very unexpectedly. I know what being the new kid is like. Reading something I relate to is very therapeutic. 

     One of my favorite quotes from this book is “Don’t Ignore the problems. Learn from them. But also, don’t knock what you get right. Every success deserves a celebration.” This quote was said by the one and only Nathan Allan while he is having a conversation with Ben. I love this quote for its raw feeling and how I imagine it made Ben feel in the moment. 

   Once I finally decide to return the book, you should really give it a try. I think it will show you some perspectives you may have never considered.