Mrs. Ponter started a new club called SADD

Carlee Stitzel, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

Mrs. Ponter is helping Mrs. Wyles-Herbert with the BIONIC club, and is also trying to start a S.A.D.D. club. Mr. Pettit, the guidance counselor intern, is helping establish the club which is a student-led, national health and safety organization that was established to empower young people to help each other by advocating for healthy decisions making. Mrs. Ponters encourages students in the pursuit of healthy decision making, to foster a sense of belonging, and to promote resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills to help young people in our community make positive life decisions. You will do fundraising throughout the year such as Substance Abuse Danger Awareness, Self-Care, Transportation Safety, and Personal Health and Safety.

     The S.A.D.D.  club addresses many challenges that students experience in high school. The S.A.D.D. club can provide information and support to help students make good decisions that will lead to emotional and physical health and happy lives in high school and beyond. Mrs ponter wants students to be healthy, hopeful, and safe and know that others recognize the challenges of high school. Students know that they do not have to face difficult times alone. 

     Mrs. Ponter says, “the acronym could be H.A.P.P.Y. because the goal of the club is to have positive impacts on students’ lives.” There also are only two club members for now and they meet on club day A in the Virtual Learning Lab.