Jewelry club forging ahead


Michael Clancey, Hawk Happenings Assistant Editor

Jewelry is one of the most dazzling items a person can own. It is a shiny, expensive stone. Who would not want a piece? But what is truly fascinating about jewelry is how it is made. The craftsmen required to make Jewelry is intense work and many steps to create the jewels people wear on their fingers. 

      Mrs. Bucheit is the person who teaches the jewelry club members on how to make these magnificent pieces. Her own daughter, Julia, has joined and has made a spectacular pendulum piece in this club. Many students can find this club to open up their creative minds and make abstract art shine in this medium. A story Mrs. Bucheit said, “I remember we had a joint fundraiser for Mary’s Shelter and this girl made this kinda bracelet with a bunch of beads and jewels. It was just insane. Unfortunately nobody bought it so she just kept it.” 

  This shows the creative outlet that this club provides students a creative outlet and it’s not very hard to get into. With a minimum fee of 10 dollars and a talk with Mrs. Bucheit anybody could join.

  This club allows people to create an abstract piece of their mind using a thing people wear around their necks as a form of expression to show someone a certain piece of their mind. Jewelry allows for these students to make something that to others could look like a pile of trash and to others a work of magnificent expression and communication of that person or themselves.