Student spotlight: Grace Cromyak


Madison Redding, Pinnacle Sports Editor

     Gace Cromyak is a sophomore who plays golf for HAHS and shared her ways to keep herself calm and her head in the game. Golf means alot to her and she decided to start playing the sport because of her uncle. ”I was kind of inspired by my uncle because he is like the only one in my family who really knows the terminology of golf so it is kind of like I go to him if I need anything,” said Grace. 

     Grace officially knew that she wanted to play golf in grade six and noticed that golf offers many opportunities for her personally such as scholarships and meeting new people. ”Playing golf is a very relaxing sport with a lot of physical contact with the ball, but in all it is an extremely laid back and a relaxing sport,” Grace said. “But it can also be stressful at the same time,” she explained. She mentioned that players can have “good days or bad days.” 

     She tends to practice at a local driving range and that is where she learned to hit. She shared that she only really learned to play golf last year, ended up loving it, and her coach asked her to play counties. She plays it now and plans to play it the rest of her high school career.