Erica makes golf states


Amelia Gassert, Pinnacle Sports Editor

Hamburg’s sophomore golfer, Erica Gerner got 4th in districts on the days of October 7 and 8, therefore qualifying for girls states. Last year during this time, Erica had just come up short getting 8th in districts, but this year she cut her place in half, allowing herself to see how far she can go in states. Erica states, “It makes me feel accomplished and it shows that improvement was made between last year and this year since I made it a step further,” proving how huge this was for Erica and her family. Although most people only see the results, Erica’s hard work does not go unnoticed, where she is getting recognized with going to states. It is even more remarkable for her to get this far since she said, “I was mostly injured the whole offseason, so there was not much that I could do except for the month of July,” highlighting how much determination it took to really focus on what was important. Golf is such an incredibly hard sport to adjust to with having to adapt to a different golf course everywhere one plays. 

     Grace Cromyak, sophomore gold player, states that, “It was no surprise for Erica with how well she did this season as a sophomore for golf. She has come a long way to get where she is now,” showing that other people are noticing the accomplishments and achievements. 

     Erica is hoping to get top ten in states in the next two years, which is the goal that she is going to achieve by her senior year. Grace Cromyak sees Erica placing higher and higher every year in golf, which will exceed anyone’s expectations by being one of the best golfers in Hamburg. 

     Overall, Erica Gerner has had such a huge jump from last year to this year and is looking to go even further in the next two years of her golf career before college.