Costs for participating in a sport added up


Erica Gerner, Business Manager

In high school there are many sports that are offered but the expense might be a problem. Although a majority of the cost is covered, if someone wants to play for a travel team or a club the family has to come up with the money. 

      Cole McLaughlin, a sophomore, plays soccer for the school and also for another team named Rage. McLaughlin states, “If you are only playing for the school it is not much, probably only $100 for the cleats and shin guards.” Mclaughin also said, “It really depends on the amount of gas, food, and hotels you have for a tournament also.” So when playing just for the school it will not be too costly. 

     Another soccer player at HASD, Shelby Dougherty, a sophomore, had similar opinions. Shelby voiced, “My rage tuition is $4,200 a year, and not included tournaments and equipment.” Dougherty said, “There are many things that I want, but are too expensive including cute cleats that are $300.” It can be annoying when there are things she wants but they are too expensive.