McCarthy’s international summer trips


Danelle Wollyung, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

 Mrs. McCarthy is taking a group on an educational trip to Greece on June 24 to July 1. When she returns from her trip she is leading another group to Ireland and Scotland from July 20 through August 3.

     In 2006, Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. Wyles-Herbert took a group of students from Governor Mifflin to Tennessee to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. They all really enjoyed traveling during the summer for a week so they decided to continue the summer summer volunteer trips with students. 

     On day one in Greece they are just starting the tour. On day two they will go on the Athens city walk which is a stroll through an older city in Greece. On day three they plan on adventuring Athens landmarks. This is going to be about visiting different visiting centers that have sculptures inside for visitors to look at. On day four they are going to Delphi where a guide is going to show them the Temple of Apollo which is a priestess that inhales vapors that used to rise the earth. On day five they go to Tolo to see one of the most important spots in greece. Tolo has beautiful scenery too. It has rivers and some stones from the original temple. On day six they go from Tolo to Athens from an ancient health clinic and spa. After that they got to see gold cups, jewelry, bronze armor, swords, and daggers from a really long time ago. On day seven they will go on a Saronic Gulf Cruise. The cruise took them through the islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. On day eight they will visit Cape Sounion where a contemplate of Poseidon who was a sea god from his temple. On the final day the tour comes to an end. 

     The second trip they are taking is Scotland and Ireland. It is going to be a combined trip which is going to be 15 days long. They are heading to Scotland on a plane overnight. The plane is taking them to Edinburgh. On day two and three in Scotland, they are doing a walking tour of Edinburgh. There they will explore the narrow alleys of Old Town or Georgian townhouses of New Town. The next thing they are going to do is arrive in Edinburgh where they will look at the beautiful landscape that is surrounding the Scottish capital. They also are going to visit Edinburgh Castle which is on top of an extinct volcano. The castle is the symbol of Scotland’s capital. The small St. Margaret’s Chapel is the oldest part of the castle. On day four is both Edinburgh and Highlands region. Here they are visiting Inveraray Castle and arriving at the West Highlands. On the drive they will stop at the biggest freshwater stretch in Britain and it is full of activities. The Inverary Castle has been standing since the 1400s. Day five they are going to visit McCaig’s Tower which has very steep steps but when they get to the top, they will see a beautiful view of the city. They will also be visiting the Glencoe Visitior’s Centre. This is a massacre of the MacDonald clan from 1692. Nature is amazing and has astonishing views. On day six they are headed to the largest city in Scotland called Glasgow. They will be guided through the city where they will see different architectures and designs. The remaining time will be spent looking at whatever they would like to see. On day seven they are going to Belfast on a walking tour of the capital of northern ireland. They will start at Donegall Square and proceed to Cave Hill. On day eight they are going to continue to adventure through Belfast but with a guide showing them around and about the things they come across. They also will visit Titanic Belfast. This is where the RMS Titanic was built and has many interesting features to it. They will get some free time to wander off and do their own adventuring for the remaining time in Belfast. On day nine they will go to Galway. Galway is the cultural and artistic capital of the west and Ireland. It was known for fishing and still plays a part in some people’s everyday lives. They are going to take a walking tour around Galway where they will see colorful houses as they walk by. This city is very welcoming and people who come have a hard decision to leave. Day ten is exploration time in Galway which is when they get to enjoy their own time whether it be learning about the city’s rich history or walking past colorful houses. Day eleven they are headed to their second to last spit which is Killarney. They will visit Dunbeg Fort which is located on the Dingle Peninsula. After that they are going to visit the Gallarus Oratory where a tour guide shows them a small oval shaped church. This church has been around for almost 1,300 years. While in Killarney they will be stopping at the Killarney National Park. It was Ireland’s first national park and was established in 1932. On day thirteen and fourteen they are going to their final stop before heading home. When they are in Dublin, they will be guided and sightseeing with a tour guide on a tour bus.They will see Dublin’s celebrated Georgian squares and Phenix Park. After that they will visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral to look at the stunning inside and pay tribute. During the expiration time they can go to the museums or walk down some popular streets such as Grafton Street. Finally on day fifteen they will head home.

     This Ireland and Scotland trip is going to be $5,133 in total. The total price to go on the Greece trip is $3,744. In order to sign up you would need to go to McCarthy’s website and click on the link then click sign up. In order to go you will need an adult chaperone to come with you.