HASD prepares for Beauty and the Beast


Sara Fitzgerald, Senior Memory Pages



     As announced last year Hamburg Area High School will be putting on Beauty and the Beast for this year’s upcoming musical. Rehearsals for the musical began the second week of school and have been every Monday through Thursday after school until 6 p.m.
    Lauren Marra, a director and the choreographer of the show has commented on the progress made so far. “For me, the best part of rehearsal is seeing how things come together. It’s fun to watch students working hard to learn a dance and then finally seeing everything click.” Mrs. Marra works hard on these routines and is grateful for the opportunity to share them during musical rehearsal. She believes the show needs more practice, as practice makes perfect, and that once the students are more comfortable, the dance numbers will run smoothly. Mrs. Marra is hoping that as fall sports come to a close, the attendance for students at practices will become higher. On their own time, students can watch the rehearsal videos posted to the rehearscore app that each student was to download at the first rehearsal. Mrs. Marra loves Beauty and the Beast, as Belle is her favorite princess, and is excited for the show in November. 

     Sara Jackson, the music director for the show, has given her input for the progress of this year’s show. She loves to hear the different accents the students can produce when talking on stage. She also loves watching the choreography being added to the songs that have been worked on since week one of rehearsal. Mrs. Jackson hopes that the melodies and harmonies in the songs are improved by show night. While she loves her students, she believes that they are “having a hard time staying in the auditorium during rehearsal. I think it is easy to become restless when we are not engaged directly in an activity – but it is important to watch rehearsal and be aware of how your part fits into the whole production.” The same as dance videos, the rehearscore app contains the correct tracks needed to practice the music for the show. Mrs. Jackson is extremely enthusiastic about having our school perform a beloved story with such beautiful music.

     The show will take place on November 19th, 20th, and 21st. The show will be in-person only and tickets will be available online at the districts homepage. The tickets will be on sale next week and will be ten dollars.