Virtual learning lab offers choices


Erica Gerner

HASD provides a virtual learning environment in our school. It is run by Mrs. Ponter. Mrs. Ponter exclaimed, “There are some students that take this course half time and there are students that are full time, but in total there are about 25 students that take this virtual learning opportunity to their advantage.” There may be many different reasons this room is used but Mrs. Ponter shared, “This room is most commonly used for people that get hybrid scheduling. They may go there for half a day then to BCTC, or when there are scheduling issues,” which helps create a custom learning for all. 

       Andrew Berg, a sophomore, spends time in the virtual learning lab or at home in his own comfort of his home. Andrew Berg said he “enjoys the learning style and the freedom. It also meets my techniques because I like to learn by listening.” While he is at home Andrew has a specific schedule he follows to stay focused everyday as he states “I usually wake up at seven then I eat breakfast then after that I start school. After three hours I go and play with my dogs and eat lunch and then I go and do about three more hours.” Andrew concludes his days during the school year are usually very similar everyday which he enjoys. Whereas since Andrew is following a day to day schedule at home he misses seeing his friends in school everyday face to face. Andrew concludes “there are some ups and downs to virtual learning, but for the most part it is pretty good.”

      Mrs. Ponter was also a teacher at HAMS before coming to the HS last school year. Mrs Ponter exclaimed, “I really miss teaching math, because it is what I loved most, but being in the virtual learning environment allows her to help students meet their needs.” Although they are two different jobs she still enjoys what she does. And believes it is a great addition to the school and enjoys it all.