Art students draw the future


Michael Clancey

A paper and pencil are some of the two tools that have withstood the test of time for ages. These tools have been used for many things: writing history and drawing the future. Insight into the world of a user of these tools and the work that goes into mastering these tools. Will give people insight into the minds of these creative geniuses. 

     Emalee Burkholder shared her perspective on art Emalee was asked “What do you plan to do with your art? Is it business or more for fun?” Emalee replied with, “I want to make it a business, I want to become a CEO of an animation studio.” A big dream, being a CEO, but all of it was started by the power of nothing but pencil and paper. 

     Another thing about art is that it takes time as all things do. The art teacher, Mrs. Dommel, and Hamburg Area High School is responsible for kindling this flame of passion and creativity. She does this by allowing the students to work at their own pace; not every artist is the same, Mrs. Dommel says, “I allow students to work at their own pace within a structured framework for projects. I support the individual growth of students as they are unique. The art studio environment is one that supports student independence with a strong support system. I look for the gifts in students so they can shine in their own creative light.” 

      Mrs. Dommel acts as a bridge for these students to cross to move on to more in their pursuit of a career or hobby. Each student has a unique set of skills and gifts. “My classroom is a supportive environment where students are encouraged to pursue their creative passions and ambitions,” says Mrs. Dommel further solidifying herself as this bridge for these students. 

 These tools take years, maybe even lifetimes to master. These tools, a pencil and paper, are two of the greatest tools anybody has ever been given access to. The person holding them has the power to change anything, make anything people could be living in a picture someone once drew years ago. Maybe someday people will live in the future a student drew today.