HAHS students manage stress


  School comes with a lot of responsibilities, as well as a lot of stress to keep up with those responsibilities. Some stress is good, but when it gets to be too much, that is when stress becomes damaging. There are many different ways a person can be stressed, personally, work-related, socially, etc. Some examples of things that cause stress in school are school work and not fitting in/socializing. 

     According to FinancesOnline, 75% of high schoolers described themself as “often or always stressed” by schoolwork. To almost every con, there is a pro, so students have things to use or do to cope with stress. Coping with stress is not just a skill we need for school; it will also be useful in the future into adulthood. Adults also face a lot of stress when it comes to their occupation, finances, and family life, so it is important that people learn the skills to cope as students. 

     For Hamburg Area High School, the year has just started out so there is not much to stress about right now regarding school work, but these are valuable things to know for the years to come. Serenade Dampman, a freshman this year, says to cope with her school stress she takes deep breaths and disperses her workload. Another freshman at HAHS, Oliver Pursley, says they listen to music and talk to someone about their stress and that helps them. As an all honors student, Morgan Lutz is no stranger to stress, but she also has ways to cope. Lutz says she takes time for herself, listens to music while doing homework, and finds ways to make stressful activities fun. These are some healthy ways our fellow peers deal with stress in the school environment.

     High school in general can be stressful, but with ways to cope, everyone is sure to succeed. For more information and statistics about this topic, visit www.finacesonline.com>student stress.