Switching schools affects students


Danelle Wollyung

     Switching schools can be either good or bad for some students. Sometimes it is not their choice and they might not be happy with the school or place their parents are choosing to move to, however changing schools could change people’s lives. 

     Meghan Wollyung says when she switched schools she was excited and liked her new school. Meghan moved from Muhlenberg School District to Hamburg School District. Some bad things that came along with moving was she could no longer see her friends from her old school. She moved about 45 minutes away from all of her friends so she was upset about that and she does not like meeting new people very much. Some positive things with moving school is that she gets to start fresh and gets to make a good new first impression for her teachers and acquaintances. There are so many positive and negative things that come with switching schools. It may be very stressful and scary but they will eventually get through it. 

     Meghan was a little scared when it came closer to going to school, but once she got situated she was ok. A good thing was she did not move school in the middle of the year so she could find a group of friends to join. It can be difficult finding friends in the middle or end of the school year because everyone has found their group of friends. Once they find that group they could help them be ready and show them around and help you get to their classes on time.

     Some things they might want to consider doing to get used to the new school is asking the teachers or whomever is in charge of what they need to know about the school. If they do not feel comfortable asking in person they could ask someone who knows their email and just email them with any questions or concerns you might have. A good person to go to is the guidance counselor because they will help you around and pretty much anything you want to know. The person in charge will tell you the dress code expectations and materials you need to get through the year successfully. Even if they do get lost or something they could go to the closest room and ask the teacher to help guide them to the right direction they need to go to to be able to get to their next class. Teachers will most likely be more lenient knowing that they just moved to the school. 

     Lasty, it is a great opportunity to move because they can meet new people and start fresh. If they are moving school just feel confident when they enter the building and they will get used to the changes.