BCTC provides opportunities for students

Morgan Lutz

 Berks Career and Technology Center (BCTC) is a choice school for students looking to pursue a specific career path in technology, business, and other specialized fields. BCTC states that their mission “is to prepare all students for successful careers and higher education through a highly acclaimed, integrated academic and technical education experience.” Students typically start to attend BCTC during their sophomore year, although they can apply early and attend in their freshman year. Students will choose one of 38 different career pathways offered. Each different pathway is grouped into a career cluster. For example, the Culinary Arts program is in the Service career cluster. Students from 16 different school districts (including Hamburg) participate in BCTC’s programs. Adults are also welcome to join the school and participate in either day or evening courses.

     Brooklyn (Brooke) Tucker and Hayley Grossman are two students who are currently attending BCTC. Brooke is participating in the business program and Hayley is participating in the Health Occupation program.

      A student interested in business would go into the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program to eventually get a job like an accountant, product manager, business operations manager, or market research analyst.

      A student interested in healthcare would participate in the Health Occupations program to get a job such as a nurse aide, home health aide, or a registered nurse.

     Hayley said that BCTC helps students narrow down the subjects and topics that they are learning to focus on their future career choice. She also thinks that this will prepare her for any courses that she takes after high school.

     Brooke said that she enjoys meeting new people and spending time with people with similar interests.

“My tip for anyone applying would be to just go for it. I was really hesitant and not sure if I would like it but I’m so glad I ended up going,” shared Brooke Tucker

     “I’d absolutely recommend BCTC, as it allows you to have your foot out the door when you graduate. As well as, you get to meet new people and do lots of hands-on activities. Seeing firsthand if the occupation is really something you’re passionate about,” stated Hayley Grossman.

For more information about BCTC please visit berkscareer.com.