Mr. Zimmerman plans to leave HAHS

Hailey Quinn

After 22 years here at Hamburg Area High School, Mr. Zimmerman is retiring. Mr. Zimmerman has been working at HAHS since 2000. He started his career as a substitute teacher before being hired at the high school. He states that, “A trip to the Gettysburg National Battlefield with some friends after I came home from my military enlistment,” inspired him to go into teaching. “Something sparked while I was listening to a story about the 20th Maine on Little Round Top.” 

     Over his many years working as a teacher, Mr. Zimmerman has been, “consistently adjusting to the changes made by the Department of Education.” This consistent adjusting has changed his way of teaching throughout his career. Mr. Zimmerman enjoys teaching a variety of topics, but his favorite thing to teach is, “the American Revolution, and how the Founders developed our government through the United States Constitution. The compromises that had to be made and how politics have always been a part of who we are.” 

     Amelia Gassert, a student who had Mr. Zimmerman for Civics in her freshman year, states that her favorite thing about the class was, “when we were able to talk about and discuss different topics.” She also said that her favorite assignment was “the ceiling tile project.” 

     Mr. Zimmerman expressed that he has mixed feelings on his retirement. “I look forward to a new beginning and where it may lead. I will miss the classroom, because I genuinely like the interaction with a majority of my students,” he said. He also added that what he will miss most after he leaves is “Seeing my fellow faculty members on a daily basis. I have created some great relationships through the years and will miss seeing them.” As for his plans after retiring, he said “At this point, I will take care of my wife’s family farm with some needed maintenance. Once that is reconciled, who knows. There are a few job offers that have already come my way, but honestly, I don’t fully know.” As a final word of advice for students who plan to go into teaching, Mr. Zimmerman notes, “Develop a great sense of patience.” 

     Mr. Zimmerman will be missed next school year, and on behalf of the HAHS family, we wish him well on this new beginning.