Amelia Gassert takes on 2022 tennis season


Erica Gerner

Amelia Gassert, a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School, is taking on her second year of high school tennis. Amelia is a three sport athlete, playing tennis, basketball, and softball. Although she plays all of the sports greatly, tennis claims to be her favorite. Last year Amelia Gassert settled for 3rd in counties, 2nd in districts, and qualified for states. She has changed many things from last year to this year to hopefully improve the stats at the end of the season. 

       Amelia has a very hard working mentality and shared, “I played tennis at Hillcrest, and basically played everyday over the summer except while I was on vacation,” showing great dedication and hard work in the offseason. This dedication makes Amelia a unique athlete, for the reason that she has realized the goals she wants to achieve will only show up by the work behind everyone’s back. Amelia exclaims, “There are a few girls that bring a lot of competition, so it will take a lot to be able to beat them.” She wants to win districts by sophomore or junior year which is believed to be an easy task for her. 

      Along with Amelia having high expectations for herself, her coach Mr. Bucheit, also has expectations for Amelia. Bucheit said, “She would like to win districts. I believe that she can indeed do that. I would hope that she would go undefeated.” While he has exclaimed there has already been some achievements this year Bucheit said, “She already beat the Reading High #1 who beat Mia last year” showing great improvement already. Best of luck to Amelia Gassert on her upcoming tennis season!