Outer Banks review and summary


Deja Wagner-Wakefield

    Outer Banks was first released on Netflix on April 15, 2020 and the show was created by Jonas Pates and directed by Josh Pate, Jonas Pates, and Shannon Burke. The main characters are John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Maddison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), Topper (Austin North), Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), Rafe (Drew Starkey), Rose (Caroline Arapoglou), and Wheezie (Julia Antonelli). This show is rated MA for mature content and the show is recommended for viewers over the age of 13. The show exhibits clips of people fighting and violence, language, drugs and drinking, and some gore.

     This show was on the top ten on Netflix, and it was number one for a few weeks in a row. This show has two seasons: the first one was released in 2020, and the second was released July 30, 2021. I would recommend this show because it has adventure and action. It also has a romance component between some of the characters.

     Season one starts out with a group of friends (John B, JJ, Pope, and Kiara) that are part of the pogue group which is not wealthy. A hurricane knocked out the power to the entire island; they then started to look for the Royal Merchant. They realize the gold was never on the boat and they go on a wild goose chase trying to find the gold. Sarah Cameron ends up joining them after she starts dating John B, she accidentally tells Ward, who ends up taking all the gold. He plans on taking the gold with his daughter with him so she stays away from the pogues. John B tries to save Sarah; Ward ends up being arrested but before the cop could detain him, his son shoots the cop and in the end killing her. Ward, who is very rich and powerful, blames the cops’ death on John B and everyone is looking for him.  He runs away with Sarah; they escape in a boat, and end up getting caught when the power is restored on the island. They are chased  into a storm until their boat loses connection to the land. They are presumed dead, and their boat sinks. Then it goes to a scene where they are floating on pieces of the boat. They are then rescued, and season one ends there. 

     The second season basically just shows them and how they try to get the gold back and eventually proves that John B is innocent. There is now a new hunt for a gold cross. Viewers are introduced to two new characters: Carla Limbry and Cleo. Cleo was one of the people who rescued John B and Sarah. Carla is trying to find the cross before the pogues do.  Rafe is helping Carla find the gold cross. Rafe takes the cross home in a big truck, which Sarah tried to steal. She was caught and was medicated and taken on the ship the cross was on. The pogues snuck onto the ship and tried to steal the cross back but they were unsuccessful in their attempt and they ended up on an island. There is then a glimpse of John B’s dad which went missing.  It is found out what happened to him in the first season, at the very end and the show ends with him talking to Carla Limbry. It was a great cliffhanger, that made viewers guess what was going to happen in the next season. 

     I would recommend watching this show for the adventure and the risk this group takes. They are a strong and loyal group that works together. They embody what true friendship is. Even through the toughest time they were still able to make it through. Also, the romance aspect is a great part. There is clearly a love connection between Sarah Cameron and John B, but they had a rocky patch. There was a forming connection between Kaira and Pope but that was broken off. There are speculations that Kaira and JJ might become the next item. I think the romance aspect is nice to break up the suspense and action. I think the drama happening within the Cameron family adds something too, because having to pick between family or friends is a hard decision to make. I alsoI think the cast did a great job portraying the roles of the characters. It was a good choice to pick people that were a bit older than their characters but still relative in age, that made it seem more real. Overall I really enjoyed this show and can not wait for season 3.