Delaney Wesner creates her future at BCTC


Emily Smith

     Berks Career and Technology Center has been home to students who are looking to get a jumpstart on their career for years, and Delaney Wesner, 12, has taken their opportunities to ensure success for her future since her sophomore year. Delaney is a part of the Dental Occupations program at BCTC and has loved every moment. “Dental Occupations has been my passion for years, and I wanted to get a head start by getting some knowledge under my belt before college,” says the Hamburg senior. “I wanted to be prepared, and BCTC was the right choice for me.”

     Delaney has received many certifications from her program that give her a “leg up” compared to those who are only starting their dental career in college. “I have certifications in infection control, radiation, and child neglect and abuse, which is basically everything that people work for in college that I will have completed at the ages of 16 and 17,” says Wesner. Since she already has these levels of her occupation completed, it will be easier for her to get a job in the future because she has three extra years of experience rather than those who have only started once they finish high school. In addition to these certificates that she has earned, she has also had lots of hands-on experience working with teeth. “My favorite things that I have learned so far have been filling a tooth, learning how to assist in silver and tooth-colored fillings, and assisting in root canals.”

     Wesner advises any student who is interested in or has thought about BCTC to give it a try because it is a great place to find one’s passion and “get your feet in the water and figure out where you want your life to go” as well as its learning environment that works well for those who like hands on experiences. Delaney also says that stereotypes about BCTC, including that it is for students who are not college bound, those who just want to leave school, or that it is very easy, simply are not true. “You are literally in training for your job, and it isn’t always easy,” says Delaney. “You get so ahead in something you enjoy doing, so it is a great place to start your career.”

     For more information on BCTC, talk to Mrs. Benz in the Career Office.