COVID-19 affects high schoolers’ educations and sanities


Alexandra Kline

All schools in the state of PA have been shut down until further notice. Until then, all people must practice social distancing. That means that everyone must try to stay in their homes as much as possible, keep a six-foot distance between others if they must go out, and do not gather in groups of more than ten people. With this social distancing and school shutdowns, Hamburg Area High Schoolers have been struggling to keep their sanities.

Quinn Holl, a senior, has been cleaning her room for the most part of the shutdown, but she has been given the chance to read and write more since she has so much time to kill at home, but she still says that she is “pissed off about it.”

Jasmyn Keeney, another senior, also does not like the shutdown. In her spare time, she has been “making candles, bath bombs, and cleaning for most of it,” so at least she will be nice and clean. On top of being mad about it, she is also sad because she does not “get to see all of her friends and that really sucks.”

Megan DeAngelo, another senior, says she has been crying while watching TV in her time. She reveals that she “made a schedule for my sisters and I, but it kind of decayed into nothingness by the end of the first week.” She is also sad about how her “senior year has been canceled. All the stuff I was looking forward to is up in the air.”

Anna Stoever, another senior, also adds that, for once, she “actually wants to go back to school.” She is very upset about how the “spring play is most likely canceled and we were only about 2-3 weeks out from the performance.” It is a shame that so much is canceled because of COVID-19, but it is a hopefully necessary evil.

Alex Withelder, a freshman, has a different idea of the school shutdowns. He claims “I do not really care about the governor closing all schools very much, but it is giving me lots of time to relax.” Even though he does not care about the schools closing, he still has been trying his best not to leave the house a lot and spending time with his family.

It is important to follow the directions of the government so as to keep everyone safe and healthy during a pandemic.