TV Show Review – “Mindhunter”


Aaron Kurtz

Ever wonder what its like in the mind of serial killers and criminals like Charles Manson, Richard Speck, Son of Sam, or Edmund Kemper? In the Netflix original show “Mindhunter” where two FBI agents, Agent Tench and Agent Ford, who attempt to get into the mind of these criminals to understand why they do what they do.

The show has Jonathan Groff as Agent Ford, Holt McCallany as Agent tench, Anna Torv as Wendy a FBI consultant who helps the agents. Directed by David Fincher who did other movie projects such as “Zodiac”, “Alien 3”, “Fight Club” and many others.

Takes place in late 1970’s around the time when new terms such as “serial killer” were created. Essentially these agents are trying to modernize the way they could help and classify criminals. They go through interviews with people like Manson, Berkowitz, Kemper and many others by trying to understand their family background and why they did what they did. While doing these interviews they do road school at police academies to teach new policemen some FBI knowledge. While doing road school once in a while a local official at those locations will ask for help on cases and, they use what they learned from interviewing these killers to catch other criminals.

The acting in this show is phenomenal. It has a very dark and gritty elements to it. The chemistry between the two agents and the consultant is really entertaining and the writing is very good. I would give the show an overall a 9.7/10. The only bad part is I dont think they do enough with the people they interview. I would recommend this show to anyone who is into shows that deal with crime and are interested in seeing inside the mind of some of these very famous criminals. Also, anyone who is just into real events that are re-created in the show like the famous Charles Manson interview, would enjoy the show