Stress plays a huge part in life

Lauren Atkins, Hawk Happenings Assistant

With the school year in full swing, the life of students can start to feel clustered. Having two months of summer break and then immediately entering school for the next nine months can ultimately be very stressful. Stress is something that almost all students and adults face no matter what phase of life they are going through and becoming stressed is something that is very unpleasant to many people. Almost every person views stress as an awful thing. While it may be terrible to feel and experience stress, it is also a motivation for people. 

Stress is a huge part of life that many people are stuck dealing with. Many negative effects are put onto someone if they are stressed or are facing situations that will make them stressed. These negative effects of stress can be depression, low self-esteem, fatigue, frustration, and feeling like losing control. Each of these things will make life more difficult and will break down a person. The stress can lead to these negative effects, and each of those consequences may lead to more severe things.

Stress also has positive consequences that are helpful. Stress can force someone to avoid danger and meet a deadline. These are positive aspects of stress. 

“Stress makes me feel very overwhelmed and sad. It also makes me feel sick,” stated Liane Schrack, 10, after being asked how stress affects her. Nearly every student is or will be impacted by this feeling of stress; it is almost unavoidable. Students’ lives are busy being filled with academics, sports, clubs, and jobs. Adults’ lives are busy with family, college, work, and paying bills. One common thing is shared between the two groups of students and adults. They both want to enjoy life and live to have a joyous life. If life is being crowded with stress, this becomes more difficult to do. It also becomes more challenging to prolong happiness. It is extremely important to learn how to minimize stress. 

While being unavoidable, stress can also be very simple to cope with and adjust to. Certain ways to deal with stress are minimizing the stressful thing, time management, avoid things that cause stress, and even share feelings to a trustful person. Reducing personal stress point will help to feel as if there is not so much weight on someone’s shoulders. Time management can be very helpful as a student or even as an adult because possessing time management will prevent events and work from adding clutter to someone’s life. Clutter will eventually lead to stress no matter what aspect it is viewed. Avoiding things that cause stress will just completely destroy the problem of growing stressed in the first place. Being too stressed can be very difficult to face alone and it most instances, a person dealing with stress is not alone. It will never hurt to open up and talk to someone about personal feelings toward certain situations.     

Every person faces stress whether it is unpleasant or possibly helpful. It is extremely important to learn the difference between toxic stress because it can lead to awful consequences along with positive stress that can have a positive impact. Students and adults also need to learn how to reduce stress in their lives to make happiness possible. Stress will always play a huge role in life, no matter what aspect is presented, but it will always be important to reduce to the best ability.