Mrs. Palerino’s classroom undergoes a complete renovation


Quinn Holl, Hawk Happenings Editor in Chief

Over the summer, English teacher, Mrs. Palerino, transitioned her room from a conventional classroom to a completely modernized setting. Mrs. Palerino was involved in selecting certain pieces of furniture as well as choosing the colors. She also determined the overall layout of the room to suit her vision. 

Linoleum floors were replaced with carpet, leading to a more comfortable atmosphere. Chair and desk combos no longer dot the classroom. Now, each wooden desk features a swivel chair, which allows students to move freely in their seats rather than being restricted to a single spot. Most importantly, no matter where a student is located, they have a perfect view of the front of the classroom, as desks and chairs closer to the back of the classroom are significantly higher than those placed in the center, meaning students no longer have to twist and turn to see the front board. Additionally, in the right corner, a set of navy blue couches adds to the cozy and inviting aura of the newly designed room. 

Abigail Behm, an AP Literature and Composition student, excitedly revealed that her favorite aspect of the new design is the back support provided by the new chairs. “You can learn while being comfortable.” 

It’s new, fresh, fun, invigorating. It’s not the old status quo”

— Mrs. Palerino

Mrs. Palerino pointed out the flexibility. “Students can work independently or in a group. There is a lot of flexibility with seating,” says Mrs. Palerino. “The possibilities are endless.”

She also noted the mental benefits that students receive as a result of the redesign. “Mentally, students come in and the vibe is different. The room replicates a college atmosphere, so students feel like the expectations are higher because of the environment. It’s new, fresh, fun, invigorating. It’s not the old status quo.”