Alyson Rentschler prepares for a busy future


Halle Gerner

Alyson Rentschler, a senior at Hamburg Area High School, will be attending Alvernia University in the fall of August 2019 to study athletic training. The athletic training major, in Alyson’s words, “is one of the greatest programs that Alvernia has.” Alyson will be commuting to Alvernia, as Alvernia is only about 30 minutes from Hamburg. Alvernia has a tuition of $34,070, although the price is not what drew her in, the golf program did.

Alyson exclaims, “The team, coach, and course are amazing!” She is very excited to finally start something new in her life, such as meeting new people and competing at a much more experienced and higher level in golf. She also plans to join the Environmental Club at Alvernia, as she loves the high school’s environmental course and nature.

Alyson also explains that she is not very nervous for college because she is very good with meeting new people, and she will not have to worry about staying over. “I have already met a bunch of people, including my future professors from the luncheons organized by the school”, she says. Although, she mentions that she is most nervous to find her classes and just go out into the world without her parents’ guidance.

Although Alyson admits that Alvernia was not her first choice, she is now very happy to be a Golden Wolf and to be a part of something very special.

“Sometimes, you just have to do what is best for you and follow your heart. My heart led me to Alvernia,” says Alyson optimistically.