Lucas Gehring prepares to embark from HAHS to RACC


Alexandra Kline, Hawk Happenings Editor in Chief

Lucas Gehring, a current senior at Hamburg Area High School, is planning to attend the Reading Area Community College when he graduates at the end of this school year for journalism or photojournalism. He has applied and taken the placement test needed to attend.

Gehring wants to major in journalism or photojournalism because, “I love to work with words, and after taking publications for the first time this year, I realized how much more I love to write stories and interview people. Alongside, I also enjoy the photography aspect of publications. When you work with words, words are your work.’”

High school acts as one of my happy places, because believe it or not, I love it”

— Lucas Gehring

Here at HAHS, Gehring ran track as well as cross country (XC). When asked if he would continue to pursue those sports in college, Gehring revealed that he “may consider playing a sport in college, but I’m still leaning more towards not playing one. If I do play a sport it will be college XC.”

Since he is graduating from high school and moving up in the academic field, it is easy to reminisce past moments in high school. Gehring says that “High school acts as one of my happy places, because believe it or not, I love it. If I could stay here another four years I would.”

Looking forward to his college years, Gehring expresses that he most looks forward to “seeing new faces and making new friends. The sad truth is that I just look forward to passing all of my classes because numerous college students drop out every single day.” While also looking forward to college, he dreads that “I know nothing about the college life. If I go, it will be a huge adjustment to my current lifestyle.”

Lucas Gehring is one of the many seniors graduating from HAHS by the end of this school year, and he will be just as missed as any of the others here. Gehring’s lasting words are: “I know that whatever path I take in life, I will do my best to make the most of it.”