Student Athlete Spotlight: Kaeli Crespo


Madison Riegel , Pinnacle Sports Editor

Kaeli Crespo, who is consistently busy, is a freshman at Hamburg Area High School . She takes seven different dance classes at Hamburg at Dance Pointe Studio, owned by Lindsay Werley Johnson and Jane Werley. Crespo is at the studio Monday through Thursday, plus has practice on Saturday. She also teaches new dancers classes. She is at the studio about four hours everyday.
She has been dancing since she was two years old. She dances pointe, ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, modern.

She attends many competitions including I Love Dance, Dance Xplosion, and True Talent. The studio also travels to Disney to perform every two years.

Kaeli goes home everyday to do as much homework as possible before she goes to dance. She has found what she needs to do to keep her schedule balanced. Dance pushes Kaeli to do better in everything. Dancing is her favorite way to relieve stress. Kaeli likes a quote from Martha Graham that says, “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well, just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion”.