Lexi Gerner gets ready for softball season


Halle Gerner, Pinnacle Senior Ads

Lexi Gerner is a junior at Hamburg Area High School and plays three sports. She plays softball, basketball, and field hockey for the school. Lexi’s favorite sport is field hockey, and her second favorite sport is softball. Lexi mentions that her favorite thing about sports is how it makes her forget about her stress and is able to just focus on the game while having fun. Other than sports, Lexi enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, playing with her dogs, and attending sporting events.

The sport Lexi is most excited to participate in this upcoming spring is softball. Lexi plays center field and enjoys hitting. Lexi has played softball for over 12 years now and mentioned that softball gives her a sense of security, making her feel at home when she plays the sport. Now that it is February, Lexi is starting to get into shape for the upcoming season and throwing her skills back into gear. She says how she can always expect a great, winning season because the school has had such a great, dedicated group of girls in her past years of playing with the high school.

“It allows me to just relax and play the sport I love, with the girls I love the most. I grew up loving the sport particularly from my dad, who was a great baseball player. He taught me how to catch a fly ball at seven years old. And ever since then, I fell in love with the game,” says Lexi.

Lexi’s past two high school softball seasons have been ones to remember. The girls made it to counties and districts every year, each with a winning record. Before the season starts, the girls spend their time going to open gyms twice a week to hit, field, and lift weights. Lexi emphasizes how important it is to get into the weight room and become stronger for the season, which is most important for girls to attend this time of the year.

“It is one of the most important things you could do for your body and team. It allows your muscles to build back up again after a long break, while providing great endurance. Although many do not think lifting is important for softball, it has helped our team tremendously the last two years, because the team has made very far in both district and county playoffs,” accentuates Lexi.

Nobody leaves anyone out, and we are truly family”

— Lexi Gerner

Lexi believes that with the hard work and dedication of her and her teammates, this softball season can be greater than all other years, and the girls can make history. Although, it is important for everyone to do their part, and better themselves for the whole of the team. Lexi also encourages anyone who is thinking about joining the softball team to do so.

“The softball team is a great environment to be around. You’ll never want to go home, and everyone has fun. Nobody leaves anyone out, and we are truly family,” explained Lexi. Lexi is eager to work hard and see how this softball season will go in the next couple months!