Club Spotlight: Prom Committee


Lauren Shebby, Pinnacle Sports Editor

At Hamburg Area High School, Prom is organized by the school’s very own Prom Committee. The committee consists of a group of juniors, the class officers, and the club advisor, Mrs. Sinopoli. Although it is led by the club advisor, the class officers take on leadership roles as well.

Paiton Albrecht, the class president, is in charge of a subgroup that is responsible for researching ideas and designing different components of prom. The vice president, Tamandeep Saggi, leads the people that handle the building of props, furniture, and decorations for the annual gathering. The treasurer, Victoria Reed, commands the members in charge of making purchases and budgeting. The class secretary, Caitlin Steele, works with the group in charge of organization.

The members of the Prom Committee work tirelessly in hopes of having a fun and successful prom. They often dedicate their time and efforts to the committee, sacrificing their free hours of the day to stay after school and help with arrangements. Members are working harder than ever to complete all of their tasks before March, when Mrs. Sinopoli is due to have her baby, so that they are more than prepared to tackle this year’s prom.

This year’s prom will take place at Stokesay Castle on May 24th of 2019. Tickets will be sold from April 1st to April 5th.

Paiton Albrecht, Junior Class President, says that while in Prom Committee, she loves being a leader and likes being able to “extend my class presidency role into Prom Committee”. She has enjoyed working with all of the members and carrying out this year’s theme. When asked what students should expect from prom this year, she said to “pack your suitcase!”

“The committee and I have some big world plans for this year’s prom. I’m very excited to see this year’s theme come to fruition and see everyone’s faces! Think big! Think travel!”
To encourage participants for next year’s Prom Committee, Paiton explained that “prom cannot happen without all the help of the Prom Committee.” She wants to inspire students to “help create and be a part of one of the biggest events in your high school years.” Sophomores who are interested in organizing the next prom should consider joining next year’s Prom Committee.