Mr. Hand joins HAHS staff

Danelle Wollyung – 9


     Mr. Hand is a professional substitute teacher at Hamburg Area High School. In order for him to get this job, he needed to earn his bachelor’s degree which he has in engineering. He also has secondary math, secondary science, ESL at both elementary school and middle and high school, and special education. 

     Mr. Hand has been teaching at Hamburg Area High School since March 2022 and enjoys teaching all kinds of students while doing his job. 

     His favorite parts about working as a professional substitute teacher are knowing every day is going to be different. He gets to know the students at this school more, and he enjoys helping kids learn English who are unable to speak it. His least favorite part about working as a professional substitute teacher is that he never knows what class he will get whether it be Spanish, German, or French. 

     Before Mr. Hand became a professional substitute teacher; he was a regular substitute teacher for five years. He was also a design engineer. 

    For Mr. Hand, adjusting to a new school was somewhat difficult but it is like that for anyone going to new areas they have never been to. Any place is getting hard to get used to all the change, times, and rules.

     Other than teaching, he is a seventh grade church teacher and has a landscaping service in the summer. 

     Some fun facts about Mr. Hand are that he owns a 1964 Belair Chevrolet vehicle that he sometimes drives to school, he likes old pinball machines, and he collects old business equipment.