HAHS girls basketball takes on new season


Amelia Gassert

     HAHS girls basketball starts their 2022-2023 season with a loss of five seniors. Fortunately, basketball gained five more freshman to help make up for the loss. Last year, the girls basketball wins vs. loss was 9-12, making it close to getting a .500 record. Amanda York, basketball head coach explained the season, “We had some close games we were not able to finish, but we were in most of the games that we played,” showing that the basketball team could stay in the game, even when playing really tough opponents. Some games that were extremely close were playing against Schuylkill Valley, Oley Valley, and Brandywine, which all had winning records.     

     Having a solid team is not just about skill, it is also about teamwork and communication. Anabel tries to encourage her team, where she says, “I like to be positive and give encouraging words to make everyone work hard but still have fun,” highlighting what a captain should focus on when being a leader on the court.

     This upcoming year, the girls basketball team has gained a new assistant coach, Ruth Weidman. Amanda York said that, “she knows the game well and has a lot of experience to bring to our team,” suggesting that with the help of the coaching staff, the season will be as successful or even more successful than last year. Having three coaches will allow for more one-on-one teaching while all of the other players are still able to get a good workout in at the same time. 

     Although our team lost key seniors, girls basketball has multiple players coming back and new players as well. Amanda York believes that the team will finish better than last year, and she says, “I know the girls will work extremely hard and give it their all.” The girls just have to come out every practice and want to get better to succeed everyday. Anabel Kennedy states, “I believe that we will be successful if we work hard together as a team,” showing that there is potential to be a very great team with amazing athletes. 

     Ultimately, having new freshman coming up and going to open gyms every Monday and Wednesday will help better prepare for the 2022-2023 season. Good luck to the girls basketball team and their upcoming season!