Student Spotlight – Paige Cassler


Deja Wagner-Wakefield

  Paige Cassler, a freshman at Hamburg Area High School, plays the trumpet in band and is involved in cheer. Her favorite subject is “Publications, because I have always been interested in writing and journalism since I was little.” On the other hand, her least favorite class is science because she just does not get it. While being an exceptional student, she also was involved in soccer in sixth grade but quit due to not actually playing for her school and because there was too much traveling and no bus to take the team to where they needed to be. She is also currently involved in cheer. She has done cheer since the winter season of her eighth grade year. Extracurricular activities she is involved in are concert band and drama club.

     Paige is involved in many activities but still has time for her own personal hobbies, such as reading in free time, and she also enjoyed painting during the summer, but since school and cheer have started she does not have time to do this anymore. Since Paige is in concert band, she is looking forward to the High Notes Festival this year. She is also looking forward to cheer competitions in late winter and early spring. 

     Paige is a very sociable person and makes friends easily, with qualities as such she met Bella Byers. They met this summer during open gyms for cheer and they clicked immediately. Bella says that “Paige’s bubbly personality and outgoingness. Also she isn’t an immature freshman like all the rest.”