Nicole speaks about her time at Hamburg


Alicia Gilbert

 Princess Padilla, better known as Nicole, is a sophomore at Hamburg. She is part of the GSA club. This is her second year being in the GSA club and right now they are planning ideas for a fundraiser. When she is not in school she spends her time doing origami. She started doing origami over the summer to relax and to try something new. If she is not doing origami she is spending time with her friends. Nicole’s friends would describe her as a very down to earth person that is always in a cheerful mood and can put a smile on anybody’s face. The most memorable moment for her at Hamburg was May Day last year.

     She is also attending BCTC for the first year this year. She is studying health occupations. Her favorite thing to do at BCTC is Hosa meetings. Hosa meetings is an organization that her BCTC class does. Nicole is a very extroverted person so her favorite part of attending BCTC was meeting new people. She said, “Going from the high school to BCTC was a great experience because I got to meet and make new friends that have common interests as me.” After high school, she plans on going to college in hopes of being a nurse.